Table Decor 

Balloons are a cost effective way to decorate for any event. 

Filling any venue with movement, colour, and atmosphere! 

Clusters are best created using 'odd'  numbers ie., 3, 5, 7 etc, and can be used to sit on tables or with longer ribbons can be used as floor decor.

Let us know if you require your helium balloons to last for more than one day, and we'll 

give them a special treatment, to last for up to 7 days.

Foil balloons can last for up to several weeks as still be 'flying' 

Air filled designs can be created to last for several weeks!


Clusters of 3 for tables 

Cluster of Four Foils with decorated weight


 Star Burst Air Filled Decor

'Lollipop'  decor, mini balloons with decorated wieght, helium filled balloons can be added to the top

Classic Spiral Helium filled 

Black and Gold Mixed Clusters of 5 

 Mixed Foil and Latex Clusters

the foil ones can be personalised with your own message

corporate balloons, helium filled balloons for corporate events, printed balloons

 Foil Champagne bottle and 'bubbles'

balloons for cake table

 Cake Table Clusters

 Wil ' o ' wisp

 Giant Round Balloons, simple but very effective

 Bunch of Balloons, created with 5'' or 9'' balloons

A classic design of elegance using Mixed Cluster of 7


 Air filled topiary table decor design

50cm height a not to obstruct view across the table, can also be created full size for entrance decor

Fun'n' Funky Table decor 

 Black and White Star Burst

Giant air filled with centre poles 

Flower Power